We are Jim and Pauline, just two regular people who carried excess belly fat for most of our lives until we applied basic principles based in science to lose belly fat.  


You don’t have to Work to lose Belly Fat!  You just have to stop working against yourself!  You are a product of Nature and Nature never intended you to have excess belly fat.  So, are you ready to start?  Ready to look better, feel better, and be better? 


We are here to help you not only remove excess belly fat but help explain why you have excess belly fat. is your guide. you will find your own way to Nature’s plan, a naturally thin belly Nature designed you and everyone else to have. content cuts through deceptions delivered by an unrelenting 24-7 profit-driven consumption media.   You will develop your own tailored consumption habit plan, just for you, what works for you, a consumption habit pattern derived from science based content and appropriate sponsors.  Just as a nature trail guide shows you things you would not easily see on your own, encourages you to take steps you would not take on your own, so too guides you on your path to a naturally thin belly for life.  But you carry your own pack; you take your own steps towards the thin destination Nature intends for you so your success is your accomplishment, an enduring achievement that you can take pride in doing yourself, for yourself.  

The question we are asked most is, is it hard?  Well, anything is “hard” when you don’t know how.  But once you know how it’s not hard.  Going from belly fat to belly flat is easy when you know how.  When we first try something new or different it is hard.  For example, riding a bicycle for the first time was hard for each of us.  But once we learned how, with our mind slowly applying new habit patterns, it became easy and was no longer “hard”.  The same principle is no different when it comes to belly fat.  Once we know how our body developed belly fat, how it handles food and drink, what was once perceived as “hard” becomes easy.   And “hard” really is not the right word anyway–it’s more like “unfamiliar”.  Most people are simply unfamiliar (they don’t know) how the body develops belly fat or how to get rid of belly fat.   There is no secret (the secret is there is no secret).  There is only knowledge and applying that knowledge.  And is where you get that knowledge.   Notably, a key difference between riding a bike and losing belly fat though is that we have to constantly dodge a marketing minefield.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are blasted by media with bad habit forming foods and drinks for their profit. So your first new habit development task is to recognize those messages as the garbage they are and begin the habit pattern of ignoring those destructive, overconsumption culture messages.  

At you will learn how to get rid of belly fat.  You are not going to “fight belly fat”, you are not going to “manage belly fat”, you are going to eliminate unnatural belly fat.  Just as Nature intends.  To eliminate belly fat we have to undo the habit patterns that gave us belly fat in the first place and to begin the belly fat reversing process we first have to realize a very fundamental truth–belly fat is not a normal condition.  We are not meant to carry excess belly fat.  Belly fat is an ABNORMAL condition.  Belly fat just does not happen by itself as an act of Nature.  Belly fat comes directly from our own bad (unnatural) habits and choices–eating and drinking too many poor foods and poor drinks.  For every single one of us human beings having little to no belly fat is the proper NORMAL human condition.  In fact, a flat stomach without unnatural belly fat is not only normal and healthy it is the most attractive condition too. 

At we stress, you don’t have to work to lose belly fat; you just have to stop working against yourself.  Thus, You don’t “do” anything “more”  to lose belly fat (again, belly fat is NOT trying to add itself to your body!), you just SWAP what you already do now poorly with something better so there is no extra work, time, or effort added at all.   

Three simple, fundamental truths emphasizes:

1.  We were created by Nature and are healthfully sustained by Nature’s products.  Nature’s design is a thin belly not a fat belly.

2.  Excess belly fat comes from consuming unnatural, poor quality products in quantity as a lifestyle habit. 

3.  Unnatural lifestyle consumption habits originate from media which profits at our expense.  To remove unnatural belly fat we simply (re) align our consumption lifestyles with Nature’s design, not media’s design.  That means consuming Nature’s whole, real foods while removing artificial, processed products that are explicitly developed to encourage habit/addiction for business profit which creates our excess belly fat.   

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Have A Question?